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About US

Located at Khatam al Anbia Hospital in Tehran, the Khatam PET/CT Center is one of the most advanced and specialized PET/CT diagnostic centers in Iran. The Center started operating in September 2017, in cooperation with experienced nuclear medicine physicians graduated from top universities in Iran and North America.

Technical Specifications

The equipment used at the Khatam PET/CT Center is the latest Siemens technology. Its PET machine is equipped with 128 Slice CT scanner and lutetium oxyorthosilicate (LSO). The latest technologies used at this Center, alongside the expertise of its medical staff ensure that the services provided are of the highest quality.

Daily Performance of Scans

18F-FDG, Ga-PSMA, Ga-DOTATATE, and Ga-DOTATOC scans are performed on a daily basis at Khatam PET/CT Center. LU-PSMA and LU-DOTA therapies are also provided at the Center. In order to facilitate the welfare of patients’ families, the Center plans to set up a family accommodation in the near future.

Scientific Activities

The Center has a scientific research unit, which publishes a quarterly journal over our research activities and outcomes. The Journal is available both in electronic and print formats. Furthermore, physicians of the Khatam PET/CT Center regularly publish scientific articles on important topics in the field.

Waiting Time Management

Long waiting times are among the most important concerns of patients. The Khatam PET/CT Center utilizes an effective waiting time management mechanism, to ensure the shortest waiting time possible for each patient. To this end, the Center’s physicians take patients’ medical history and check their documents via phone calls before in-person visits. Furthermore, patients can choose to receive their results via the Center’s website.


The Khatam PET/CT Center is located in Valiasr Street, near the Mirdamad Boulevard, Rashid Yasemi Street, Tehran. In an area of more than 500 square meters, the Center provides a calm, pleasant, and comfortable space for patients. Parking is also available at our Center and all patients and visitors are welcome to use it.

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Address:  Specialty and Subspecialty hospital of Khatam ol-Anbia, Rashid Yasemi street, Upper than Mirdamad street, Vali-Aser street, Tehran, Iran.